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Attention to the Details

Our work process pays close attention to the light and small details, in order to achieve not only a hyper-realistic result but also to convey the right feeling and emotions.



Each project process it's customized to our client's needs and schedule, the process below is for reference purposes only.

- Receiving detailed information for the renderings (2D or 3D design information, site information, finishes, furniture, accessories, references images).
- Basic 3D Modelling. Low-resolution in-progress images will be sent for comments on modelling, along with different camera angles.
- Finishes, Detailed Furniture and Accessories. Medium resolution images send for review and comments.
- Back and forth review process until desired results are achieved. Two sets of review comments are included in the base fee without additional charges.
- Final Submission of high-res renderings.

SCHEDULE.Minimum 7 days since receiving the down payment and all the design information. To achieve similar results than the 3D images shown in our web 2 to 3 weeks are ideal. Short schedules and last-minute changes might impact the final result quality.​

01. Send us Concept Design and/or Reference Images
02. Send us CAD drawings or 3D models
04. Geometry check up. 3D massing model, cameras and basic light settings
05. Preliminary 3D Rendering for comments
06. Final 3D Production Rendering
Below final construction picture of the built space, looking very similar to the 3D rendering

Affordable Fees

Please contact us for our Base Fees Information or exact quote pricing for a specific project. Prices might vary depending the number of renderings, complexity of the images, number of revisions required, schedule and type information provided. Detailed information regarding the project should be provided for accurate pricing.

-PREMIUM: 3D Modeling+ 3D Mapping+ 3D Rendering 4000px+ Unlimited Comments and Revisions + Post Production
-STANDARD: 3D Modeling+ 3D Mapping+ 3D Rendering 3000px+ 3 sets of comments+ Post Production
-BASIC: 3D Model and Maps provided by client+ 3D Mapping+ 3D Rendering 2000px+ 2 sets of comments+ Post Production
-REVISIONS: Additional design revisions on previously made 3D Renderings

Discounts might apply for additional views of the same model, or additional options of the same design.
*Base fees include one image of an interior or exterior space of average size, with three sets of revisions (comments) per image. Very large or complex spaces, or more than three revisions per image will be billed at a higher rate. Schedule extensions will be billed as additional services. ​



Before & After : 3D vs Real

Our 3D's and the final built environments are really similar, highlighting the accuracy of our 3D work process, from initial renderings to the finalized construction.

Before & After: 3D vs Real

Before & After: 3D vs Real

Before & After: 3D vs Real

Before & After: 3D vs Real

Before & After: 3D vs Real

Before & After: 3D vs Real

Before & After: 3D vs Real

3D Animations