Retail, Art & Fashion

Sokyo Gallery,
Art Fair Tokyo

Elegant and simple design of exhibition booths for Sokyo Gallery in some of the most important international Art Fairs, including among others: AFT (Art Fair Tokyo), TEFFAF, Terrada, Art BAsel, FOG, JINART, ART021 Shanghai.

7WTC Marketing Center
New York

Exhibition space for Larry Silverestein in the 7WTC in downtown New York. Ivan Pazos was the Senior Designer for SOM, the project was awarded Best of the Year in innovation by Interior Design magazine, and was featured in the movie “Perfect Strangers”, starring Halle Berry and Bruce Willis.

Bee House / GAP, Hongdae, Seoul

Fashion Flagship store in Hongdae district for emerging fashion brand Bee House. The space was later taken over by GAP.

Project Selection

Agatha Paris, Gangnam, Seoul
Adeam, Ginza Six, Tokyo
Amway APAC
Bee House, Seoul

YouTube, Tokyo
7WTC Marketing Center, New York

Tally Beck Art Gallery, New York
DIFFA, New York
Tokyo International Art Fair
Art Basel
Art Miami
TEFAF, Maastricht

ART021 Shanghai


7 World Trade Center Marketing Suite, New York / Ivan Pazos for SOM

3D Design for HaCo. Foxey+Adeam Store in Ishetan

Tally beck / Kumu kumu Art Gallery, New York

Bee House / GAP, Hongdae, Seoul

ADIENT SHOWROOM / Kanagawa, Japan

Agatha Paris, Cheongdam, Seoul

ADEAM at Ginza Six, Ivan Pazos, 3D design for HaCo

UPI Flagship Store, Ivan Pazos, 3D design for HaCo, Omote-sando,Tokyo

AMWAY APAC retail proposal, Seoul

Proposal for YouTube Space, Tokyo

Project by HaCo, 3D renderings by DOX. Foxey Sports Popup Store, Ishetan Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Sokyo Art Gallery Exhibition Design: Art Fair Tokyo, TEFFAF, Terrada, Art BAsel, FOG, JINART, ART021 Shanghai.